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Setting up the system variables

Inorder to work some programs via DOS window (like java compiler ‘javac’ )
we want to set the path of such programs in system variables. This can be done as follows
1. Open ‘My computer’ , right click , take ‘properties’
2. From the pop up window click on ‘Advanced’ tab
3. click on ‘environment variables’.
Now you can see a window in which a list of System varibles appeared.
4. select the system varible ‘path’.
5. press edit button.
6. Into the pop up window , put a semicolon(;) at the end of the path, without deleting current value.
7. At the end add the new path ( eg: c:\java\jdk\bin   , c:\tc )
The java compiler javac is in the folder “bin” on jdk. so u can set the path of folder “bin”.
For c++(turbo) you can copy path of folder “tc”