Adobe Digital Editions Review

Adobe Digital Editions is an ebook reader software from Adobe Systems built using Adobe Flash.It is used for acquiring, managing and reading eBooks, digital newspapers, and other digital publications.Adobe Digital Editions supports PDF, XHTML (through .epub file type specification), and Flash-based content.
Developers : Adobe Systems
OS : Windows , Mac OS X
File support : PDF,XHTML (through .epub file type specification)
Licence : proprietary

The Good
* The cool look!
* Navigation pane and customisable Book Shelves.
* Access to sample library of eBooks(free download).
* Support for Borrowed items.
* add bookmark feature.

The Bad
* Limited support( Only for PDF and XHTML).
* No custom level for font, look and color.

Login to have a free download from the following URL

Also you can have free sample library of eBooks from  the same URL.

One response to “Adobe Digital Editions Review

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